Goodreads says ‘The Hunger Games’ is the best book ever written. Really.

The top five entries on the “Best Books Ever” list at Goodreads are, in order: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twilight, and Pride and Prejudice. How disturbing.  All that time I wasted reading the classics…

This nonsense reminds me of a textbook I saw in a used book store. The previous owner had highlighted every word in the book. Every. Freaking. Word.

The most likely explanation is that this person was using highlighting to keep track of how far they had read. That, at least, is the most benign explanation I can think of. It is equally likely that they were highlighting passages and mumbling to themselves while they sharpened machetes in their mother’s basement.  The fun started when all the words were gone.

That yellowed book serves as a metaphor for a principal failing in today’s society, namely a lack of discrimination.  Apparently everything is important.  Equally so.

On the internet, all voices are equal regardless of their sanity. Wingnuts get equal billing with sages. Slapdash posturing stands toe to toe with reasoned discourse. Reading two or three books on the dangers of vaccination stands in for decades of scientific research.

And The Hunger Games is the greatest book ever written.

I think I’ll go sharpen my machete.

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