Complexity for complexity’s sake

Wired Watch

I was going to share this article about a new generation of mechanical watches, deliberately over complicated for the sheer strutting pride of doing something the hard way.  I was going to say something simultaneously profound and snarky about the empty soul of contemporary society which seeks complexity for complexity’s sake.  (If you’ve ever known a software developer you can sympathize.)  The watches sell for millions of dollars, which is a distressing commentary in its own right.

However, the folks at provided a built-in ironic commentary of their own.  As you can see from the screen capture above, it is not possible to actually read the article.  (I used Pocket to capture the article without the irony.)  Annoying pop up videos, floating ads, distracting backgrounds and out of control fonts totally obscure the message.  I’m sure there’s some technical rationale for this visual cacophony, some hidden browser setting I forgot to massage.  But as a visual metaphor for the empty freneticism of modern life, it is perfect.

I’ve got nothing more to add.

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