Happy Birthday! You’re unfriended.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I practice ‘green Facebooking’.  For every post I offer up, I delete three others.  And, occasionally, I unfriend someone.  Nothing personal.  Just cleaning up.  In fact, given that science has proven that Facebook is bad for you, I am probably doing my friends a favor.

The problem with such philanthropy is that it REALLY cuts into my sitting-around time. That is why Dan Kois’s idea of a Facebook cleanse is such a great time saver.  Whenever Kois gets a Facebook reminder about a friend’s birthday, he uses that opportunity to review the quality of their Facebook relationship and then, presumably after a full nanosecond or so, unfriends said person.  Happy birthday!

It sounds like a great idea.  The fact that it comes from someone with over 1,000 Facebook ‘friends’ (Dude,  you’ve got other problems) doesn’t diminish its value.  I’ll quote truth where ever I find it.  Now, let me post this and do some housecleaning.  I’m down to three friends and not sure if I can handle the load.

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