A few years back, my wife informed me that her doctor used a blood test to confirm that she had entered menopause.  Without thinking, I blurted out, “There’s a test for bitchiness?”  Another memorable day in the annals of my marriage…

It turns out bitchiness is indeed measurable and is a topic of scientific research.  One of their findings: “[W]omen tend to haze each other simply for looking promiscuous. The clinical term for the womens’ bitchiness is “indirect aggression”— essentially, aggression we don’t want to get caught for.”  It’s good to see confirmation of something I learned in high school.

For extra credit, check out the plot in the linked article labeled “Mean bitchy scores by condition”.  Makes me proud that I dedicated most of my life to science.

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2 Responses to Bitchiness

  1. This coming from you, surprised me. Enjoyable though! 🙂


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