Now I feel safe

For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000You know how you feel after learning the secret to a magic trick?  How the world loses some of its luster?  To be fair, few of us truly believed the magician was materializing elephants out of thin air.  And knowing the trick gives us something new to watch and admire.  But we still feel like we’ve lost something, a bit like we felt after learning the scoop on Santa Claus.

Well I feel that way now after learning that for 20 years the nuclear lunch code at US Minuteman silos was ‘00000000’.  Of course, we live in a society in which the most common passwords are ‘password’, ‘1234’ and the like.  Still, I expected a bit from our nation’s defenders.  The linked article does note that there were some valid reasons for making it easy to launch nukes.  After all, waiting for authorization takes time.

Presumably we’re okay now.  I bet the new launch codes are much more devious.  Like ‘12345678’.  I feel much safer now, but there’s some nagging uneasiness in the back of my mind.  Don’t know why…

At least I’ve still got the Easter Bunny in my corner.

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