Hooray for humbug


Our newest national pastime is bemoaning how we’ve forgotten the meaning of the holidays, even while we’re stabbing each other in the parking lot and rioting in Walmart. I’m a professional curmudgeon so this article on the unmitigated inanity of Cyber Monday struck a chord with me.

You’ve got to admire the brashness needed to manufacture a new holiday from whole cloth. Furthermore CM, as it is affectionately known somewhere, does have advantages on the ironically appropriately named Black Friday madness.  I can’t imagine any deal great enough to entice me into a store on Black Thanksgiving-Friday.  Even if they were giving things away for free it would just whip the groundlings into a greater froth and push me even further away.  But if you can score a deal with only a few mouse clicks, that’s another matter.  Almost too easy.  Makes you want to kick the dog just to honor the holiday spirit.

So, do your patriotic duty and spend money you don’t have for crap you don’t need.  That’s why God created credit cards.

As for me, I’ll be looking for the dog.

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